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Have you noticed the huge increase in the aluminum structures in big cities? You’ve seen a large glass facade building with a glass of size greater than 6 m, it is probably aluminum construction, or rather, a product in which the aluminum profiles are used.

So why aluminum facades have become so popular? Actual false aluminum structures are very large. First of all, an attractive appearance. This is a much more beautiful view of the great view from the window or from the restaurant. Glass facade not only transmits a lot of light, but also very durable. The design is very difficult because part of the glass is likely to be made of safety glass.

Second, the aluminum products are very reliable. Unlike metal, plastic, aluminum can be used in public places and earn a very long time. Aluminium – a tough, lightweight metal, life expectancy over 80 years. Construction of the metal does not rust and does not enter into chemical reactions, they do not need special care. There is also the option to use aluminum profiles make the most harmonious design of the exterior and the interior.